What we do?

The Primary Goals of the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association (SBA) are:

*To promote and improve bowhunting in the province of Saskatchewan

*To promote conservation and ethical hunting practices

*To honor the magnificent animals that we love to pursue and love to observe

*To lobby for improved hunting opportunities for all bowhunters of Saskatchewan game

Where do we work?

Our executive maintains a presence with several provincial boards and associations in the interest of promotion and improvement of archery opportunities for all Saskatchewan hunters.

WAC - the Wildlife Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Ministry of Environment when determining hunting and fishing seasons in the province of Saskatchewan.

FWDF - the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund is made up of 30% of the revenue collected from the sales of hunting, trapping and fishing licenses in Saskatchewan. The FWDF uses this money to manage, preserve and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in the province.

SaskTIP - The SBA is proud to support SaskTIP and to sit on their Board of Directors. SaskTIP is a registered charity which maintains a reward fund to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of those who violate resources and environmental laws. It was formed to help Conservation Officers convict poachers of all types.

CWD Working Group - the Chronic Wasting Disease Working Group is led by Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment and includes representatives from a number of organizations across the province that are affected by this disease. The group is in place to monitor the disease and to work to limit the spread of CWD.

Man Shooting Bow


Ed Bergen - Past President/WAC - Drake, SK  (306) 365-7581

Neil Zoerb - Membership Chairman - Davidson, SK (306) 567-3197

Hank Halseth - SaskTIP/CWD Working Group - Outlook, SK (306) 867-8392

Darrell Senebald - Vice President/FWDF/CWD Working Group - Saskatoon, SK (306) 934-2649

Brian Sawtell - Treasurer - Neilburg, SK (306) 823-4421

Kerri Lovelace-Rajczakowski - Cutting Edge Editor/CWD Working Group - Regina, SK (306) 757-0433

Andy Dubourt - Secretary - Prince Albert, SK (306) 922-2307

Michael Kincade - Bowhunter Ed - Saskatoon, SK (306) 221-2563

Bryan Adolphe - Merchandise - Saskatoon, SK (306) 244-9811

Ryan Bergh - Awards Book Editor - Porcupine Plain, SK (306) 278-2172

Brad Bergen - Website/Social Media/Publicity - Saskatoon, SK (306) 221-8297

Hunter Frankfurt - NASP - Yorkton, SK (306) 620-8607

Al Kalnicki - President/WAC - Spiritwood, SK (306) 222-9497

Ryan Lauf - Records Committee - (306) 737-4329

Steve Pollock - Advertising - (306) 291-0052

Trevor Bergen - Director - (306) 360-7933

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