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Each year at the Annual Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association Banquet trophies are awarded in the following categories. 

  • Junior Bowhunter of the Year

  • Lady Bowhunter of the Year

  • Saskatchewan Bowhunter of the Year

  • North American Bowhunter of the Year

  • Doug Herriot Memorial Award

  • Largest Whitetail Deer

  • Largest Mule Deer

  • Largest Moose

  • Largest Elk

  • Largest Black Bear

  • Largest Pronghorn Antelope

  • Best of the Year

‚ÄčNew Record: This award is presented to the member whose animal surpasses the previous club record.

First: This award is given to the member who takes the first animal of a recognized species.

Citations: These are presented to all members who take animals that meet or surpass the Pope & Young minimum qualifications.

Photo Contest: Awards are given for best photo in each of the following categories:

  • Scenery

  • Wildlife

  • Hunting

  • Trail Camera

Other prestigious awards (clICK FOR DETAILS):


Saskatchewan Super Slam Award

Submit your animal(s) to the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association:

Send an email to the SBA Records Chairperson with all of the required information. Be sure to attach your completed Animal Entry Form, harvest photo & score sheet to your email.

Email: records@saskbowhunters.ca

Please ensure your harvest photo is print quality (minimum 300dpi resolution).

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