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The Primary Goals of the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association are:

To promote and improve bowhunting in the province of Saskatchewan

To promote conservation and ethical hunting practices

To honour the magnificent animals that we love to pursue and love to observe

To lobby for improved hunting opportunities for all bowhunters of Saskatchewan game

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Benefits of Being an S.B.A Member

As well as belonging to the organization that speaks for bowhunters in Saskatchewan and being eligible for yearly awards a new benfit is it can actually save you money! Thanks to our generous supports who are offering discounts to S.B.A members!

#1 Archery- 10% off on purchases up to $500.00

North Pro Sports- $50.00 off any regular priced 2014 bow

** Check back frequently for more specials offers!


More Opportunities!

Anyone selling five S.B.A Memberships between May 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 will be eligible to win two free banquet tickets and one night accomodations for our next awards banquet. Sign up a Bowhunter today!

group photo

Group photo of the award winners at the 2015 Awards Banquet!

Hank and Neil along with Fred Eichler at the Parkland Expo. Fred is a huge promoter of Bowhunting and showed his commitment by purchasing a membership to the SBA.

The S.B.A's New Trailer...

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